Our Services

What We Have To Serve

Business Consultancy & Project Analysis and Management

If you are experiences challenges company environment, internal business processing, involvement of advanced technologies, and unable to figure-out from where and how to overcome with all these facts then APL is there for you to provide best business consultancy services.

APL's Business Consultants team first do deep study insight structure of your business & its processing and then suggest a new business strategies based on new market dynamics & statistics to reflect envisioned future of your company. Also, our consultants scale will give suggestions about new tools, technologies to enable optimal remote work which will minimize or prevent disruption in your operations so that you compete with others without facing current threats again and be a leader in market.

Software Development & IT Services

Without question, the impact of technology on social behaviors and business strategy continues to grow. Since last 10 decades evolvement of technologies leads to market upto next level. These changes affect the old business processing drastically. So now all business must have to adopt the current market trends to compete others and keep their existence too. APL here provides following on-demand IT Services to our customers to enhance their business growth and make ease to access on their fingertips:

  • Software & Web Application Development
  • Android & IOS Application Development
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Promotion.
  • Designing & Branding of business and its products.
  • Organic & Inorganic SEO(Search Engine optimization)

Domestic, Agriculture & Industrial Solar Installation

Concurrent with an increase in solar panel efficiency, the cost of solar panels has fallen substantially. In the last decade alone, the cost of a solar panel installation fell over 60 percent, and many industry experts predict that prices will continue to fall in the years to come. Very soon solar power will emerge as second largest power generation all over the world.

APL has experienced team of certified engineers & technicians having specialization in Solar Energy & Power Generation. We have installed 40+ Roof Top Solar Power Plant, 7+ Solar Power Plant Mounted Grid at Rural Areas between 5-10 KW. We also installed 22+ Smart Solar Pump for agricultural which can be operated through any mobile remotely. And many more yet to comes.

Experienced, Skilled Technical & Non-Technical Manpower Supplier

APL is also led by the dynamic and visionary leadership. We are equipped and managed by top quality professionals and headed by the leaders, who are known for their exceptional contributions from decades in the field of all technical or non-technical, Management. The team is highly spirited, fuelled with the desire for innovations. This empowers us to stand apart and assure our clients our exceptional work in every task we undertake.

The cornerstone of the company's outsourcing strategy is a balancing combination of onsite presence and service delivery according to the client's needs. The group's growth is linked to a tree that has its roots deeply and firmly entrenched in its beliefs of serving its customers through technical competency backed by warm professional relationship. The group's sincerity to its commitment is duly acknowledged nourishing its growth with newer branches and wider spread.

Innovations, Research & Development and Training

R & D is a distinct process with unique goals. R & D creates knowledge, develops designs, and moves on to creating and proving the feasibility of prototypes & samples. And then later converts these samples into marketable or economically feasible products or process.

Our main objective of Research & Development is to intend to provide a competitive advantage for the business or organization. Industrial R & D is specifically defined as the process of obtaining new knowledge that will eventually result in new or improved products, processes, systems, or services that will benefit the company's sales or growth.

After successfully implementation of any research our next approach will provide training to our employees. And then these trained employees will provide you excellent services.

Our Methodology

How We Work For You?


Through interviews and discussion with key stakeholders, we identify and accurately determine our client's needs and solution requirements with full comprehension of their vision and culture.


We consolidate all information gathered from our client and perform a full review to identify gaps in the current business processes, factoring our client's current processes and technology and how they may interface with the future design.


Develop a holistic and appropriate architecture for solution delivery, priority based tasks into 3 groups - Critical, Important & Optional based on the context of business needs and existing investments.


Develop project plan with detailed implementation requirements, factoring resource mapping, scheduling and process delivery considerations.


Deliver project plan based on compliance standards and industry best practices, utilizing change control to ensure adept management, effective communication and contingency planning.


Upon project completion, we generate supporting documentation and conduct meeting sessions for appropriate and accurate knowledge transfer to ensure a smooth transition.

7.Support, Evaluate & Monitor

Formal handoff of project back to key stakeholders, with ongoing support and scheduled re-assessments to ensure the solution delivered is effectively optimized.